Bug in BCB6 ?

2005-01-18 06:03:30 PM
Hi all,
I've noticed a strange behaviour of TLabelEdit and it seems to be a bug
in BCB6 WinXP.
The TLabelEdit->Text properties are not being updated properly.
My program creates about 100 TLabelEdit VCL on TForm.
When you start the main loop a randomize routine generates 10 numbers
between 1-100.
Then a condition (e.g. sum of these 10 numbers = 400) at the end of the
loop increases
hit of each number by 1 in an int Array.
At the same time the result from int Array tranfers to resp.
Now if you watch the TLabelEdits on the Tform during a longer time so
you'll see that some of
the TLabelEdit shows distinctly decreased values. Why? According to my
algebra all values should increase
by 1. However, sometimes all TLabelEdits show up-to-date values which
confirms that everything is all
right up to the transfer.
It doesn't matter if or where you use ->Update, ->Refresh, ->Repaint.
It doesn't matter if you convert int to char at the transfer from Array
to TEdit->Text.
The problem is still there.
Does anybody know how to resolve it?
Thanks in advance