MS SQL Server 2000 Connection Problem through Ado Components In C++ Builder 6

2006-11-09 04:01:41 PM
Hello, I have a complicated problem. I want to develop an
application that will connect to an existing MS SQL Server
Database. I don't have much information regarding how this
database had been installed. I know the Database name and the
password for the user sa.
My first question has to do with MS SQL Server 2000 installation.
I am confused about the startup account.
Should I choose Local System Account or Domain User Account? I
suppose this will affect how I will connect to the database
afterwards through C++ Builder.
In some efforts that I made, I chose Local System Account. The
installation ended succesfully. Afterwards I opened Enteprise
Manager and I attached the existing database to the server
successfully, I can see all the tables and execute queries
through Query Analyzer.
Afterwards, the big problem started. I tried to make a simple
application to fetch some data from the database. I placed
an ADOConnection component in my form, and I tried to Build the
I have selected Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server then
clicked Next. I entered the server name. Then here comes my big
question, should I choose "Windows NT Integrated security" to log
on to the server or "use specific user name and password"? When I
installed SQL Server I chose Local System Account, so I found it
logical to choose "Windows NT Integrated security". But then in
the third step I cannot chose my database, but instead I can
only see the default system databases, master etc.
Why is this happening? I tried to choose "use specific user name
and password". I entered user name sa and the password that
I have inserted in Enteprise Manager to connect to my database
but then I couldn't see any databases in step 3.
If I entered only User Name: sa with no password then I could see
the default system databases. I cannot understand, what am I
doing wrong?
I know my database name, I know the password for the user sa and
I can have access through Enteprise Manager.
When I am trying to build the connection, should I use for user
sa and password the same as in Enteprise Manager?
Should I do something else?
I am confused, thanks in advance for any help.