VCL + 80386 + Windows 95 = illegal operation

2004-09-29 12:29:16 AM
I've got AMD 64 computer with Windows XP and Borland C++Builder 6. I
also have Intel 80386 machine with Windows 95 inside.
The first time when I ran on 386 applications made with borland
CBuilder I got an error from oleaut.dll (unresolved import), but I've
installed oainst.exe (Windows system files update) from office xp CD.
Now applications compiled on xp machine don't start on 386 when they
use VCL (when vcl.h is included). Immediatly after runnning the
program I get message "Your application has performed an illegal
operation and will be shutdown" (twice error in my program's module,
once error in kernel32.dll and then the process is terminated). When I
create console application not using VCL, it runs properly.
Thank you for your help
Marek Wróbel