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Dinkumware Library integration with BCB 6

2003-11-17 06:35:30 AM
We are looking for someone with experience in STL and BCB6 to incorporate the Dinkumware library
v4.2 into BCB 6. This should be a fairly simple job for someone with the right experience. The
libraries are a replacement for the STLPort shipped with BCB 6. We are under a bit of a crunch here
and need someone who can take it, figure it out, and give us simple instructions. Please feel free
to contact me at any time:
Michael Wade
Navigation Solutions
(949) 495-9551
wadem at digilink dot net
Thank you,
Michael Wade

Re:Dinkumware Library integration with BCB 6

Dear mr. Wade,
I have experience in STL and BCB6, but is not familiar with Dinkumware
I probably can help you, but I need more detailed information (or code's
samples illustrating your problem).