Re: BrowseForFolder

2005-08-27 06:07:46 PM
Regis St-Gelais wrote:
"Georges" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >a écrit dans le message de news:
>I was wondering where the code for the construction of things like the
>OpenSave dialog box is hidden on 5.02. I'd love to change some bits of
>it - is that possible ?

First, OpenSave is not hidden in 5.02. It's not there.
OpenSave is a Window Common Dialog Box.

There used to be a very usefull link that tells you how to access the actual
controls on the
OpenSave dialog and change them (move, resize,...) but the link no longer
valid :(

Have a look there:

also try:

Also: google is you friend.

Hope this helps.

Regis St-Gelais
I have at last got this 'BrowseForFolder' to compile but how do I call it ?
What are the real parameters I give it ?
BrowseForFolder(TWindow *twpParent,char *strpTitle,char *strpPath);
Sorry to be a bit dense on this one.
Mille Mercis