ANN: New version of TWebUpdate with built-in support for ASTA's binary patch technology

As a result of working together with the ASTA Technology Group
(, we can announce today the availability of
TWebUpdate v1.4 at that has now built-in
support to handle automatic http, ftp or file based updates for applications
or any other files based on ASTA binary patch files.

The combination of ASTA's file difference based binary patch files and
TWebUpdate can bring extremely efficient automatic update handling
for running applications, its databases or any other files. The binary patch
files are created with the ASTA Binary Patch Manager
(see : and used
by TWebUpdate with the new TAstaPatchUtility component.
To demonstrate this, we have built 2 new sample applications that use
the ASTA binary patch files to update an application and update an
Access database used by an application. Information about the samples and
downloads are available at

And there is more : for a limited time, ASTA Technology offers a free
registration of TWebUpdate upon registration of the ASTA Binary Patch

Kind regards,
ASTA Technology Group
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TMS software team
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