ANN: FPU View for Delphi and C++ Builder

Passau, September 1998

Econos - Stefan Hoffmeister is pleased to announce the immediate
availability of

    FPU View expert 1.0a

       for Delphi 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and
              C++ Builder 1.0, 3.0

Have you ever had the need to see the current state of the floating
point unit (FPU) while debugging? The content of the FPU stack? MMX
data? The complete FPU status? The control word?

Until now you had to leave the familiar Delphi or C++ Builder IDE and
use Turbo De{*word*81} 5.0 (32bit) just to learn about the FPU state. Or
you would use a kludge by mutilating your code with unnecessary
FSAVE/FRSTOR or FST assembler instructions.

The "FPU View" will show you the complete FPU state with all the
information Turbo De{*word*81} 5.0 has - just a lot more comprehensible.

In addition, the "FPU View" displays the content of all MMX registers,
something no Borland product is able to offer at the time of this

As of version 1.0a, the expert also supports the changed de{*word*81}
interface of Delphi 4.02.

The web site of the FPU View expert, at

has more details and a few screen shots.


Stefan Hoffmeister
Econos Consulting Services - Stefan Hoffmeister