TBitmap::SaveToFile creates modified image

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Dima Vukolov wrote:

> Hi!
> I have a problem saving TBitmap object with SaveToFile().
> Drawing my TBitmap displays the image right. But when I save it using
> SaveToFile() it creates a very strange .bmp file. It looks like the image
> was split into to parts which changed their positions with each other.
> Besides the colors of the image are changed (see attachments).
> If it may help I actially get this TBitmap by reading from a Paradox
> database using BDE.
> Here is what i do:

> Graphics::TBitmap *Bitmap = new Graphics::TBitmap();
> Bitmap->Assign(Table1->FieldByName("Picture"));
> Bitmap->SaveToFile("file.bmp");
> delete Bitmap;

> Thanks!

>                 Name: Image.bmp
>    Image.bmp    Type: Bitmap Image (image/bmp)
>             Encoding: x-uuencode

>                 Name: saved.bmp
>    saved.bmp    Type: Bitmap Image (image/bmp)
>             Encoding: x-uuencode

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