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Sudden Linker error

: "roladdon" <> wrote:
>Error Message:
>[Linker Error] Unresolved external '__fastcall
>System::AnsiString::ThrowIfOutOfRange(int) const' referenced from ...

>Why do I get this message suddenly?

Try a Project | Build. If that does not help, then delete all temporary
files including the pre-compiled headers and any incremental linker state

FWIW, the .ide group would be the better place to ask linker questions.

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Re:Sudden Linker error

This code used to work
I used it in all my prog. and it always worked fine - untill today.
Since today I get an error message - I don't know why???????

Here is my code:
      struct x
         unsigned b[10];
         }* a;
AnsiString String;

a->b[i] = String[ii];

Error Message:
[Linker Error] Unresolved external '__fastcall
System::AnsiString::ThrowIfOutOfRange(int) const' referenced from ...

Why do I get this message suddenly?
(The only thing I did was to drop Tmediaplayer onto the main form - and I
removed it later - this happend after the remove)

I had to change it to:
a->b[i] =(String.c_str())[ii - 1];


Re:Sudden Linker error

I have tried a rebuild many times.
I'll try to errase all temp files next.
I'll post results or any other questions in IDE group

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