Clarification on DB Component and others


  The database component has an entry for alias and DatabaseName. If I
select the Alias for a BDE alias then set DatabaseName to MyDataBase
then MyDataBase appears in the list under DatabaseName for say  MyQuery
component. I assume this is the correct way to tie a data access
component to a database component. Is this correct? If so then the
MyDataBase->ApplyUpdate will apply the updates cached in MyQuery to the
MyDataBase->Alias. Is this also correct?

  If you have two or more database components in a DM can they all have
Alias set to same with no crosstalk/no interference?

  With a read only dataset returned by a Query/SQL, I get the impression
form the help extract below that yo apply the update to the returned
dataset by closing an opening the Query when you have an updateSQL

1       Add a TUpdateSQL component to the data module in your application.
2       Set the dataset components UpdateObject property to the name of the
TUpdateSQL component in the data module.
3       Enter the SQL update statement for the result set to the update
components ModifySQL, InsertSQL, or DeleteSQL properties, or use the
Update SQL editor.
4       Close the dataset.
5       Set the dataset components CachedUpdates property to true.

6       Reopen the dataset.

I realize that opening the Query executes the SQL but does it
automatically execute the SQL statement in the UpdateSQL also and update
the recovered dataset in one action?
No need to call UpdateSQL->Apply(ukKind)?


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