Upgrading BCB 1.0 project

I'm still using BCB 3.0, although most consider this an antique at this
point :-)
However, I have a large Project I have periodically changed and upgraded
through the last several years when it originally was created in OWL,
and then brought in to BCB 1.0.
I believe all the standard 3.0 project files are *.bpr, but I am still
dealing with this Project of mine using the old *.mak project name. ( in
BCB 3.0 )
  I really would like to convert the 1.0 mak project file into a newer
(don't laugh ) BCB 3.0 *.bpr Project File.
  If your old notes on doing this have not yellowed with age and are
still readable, could you tell me how to do this?