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QuickReport Expressions

2006-10-19 04:15:28 PM
I have C++Builder 6 with QuickReport 3.0.9 and I couldn't show an
QuickReport expression SUM() of an SQL counter. I use SQL Postgres to run
all my SQL selects in the server. In my report there are a pair of groups
with their headers and footers and a QRBand with the property
BandType=rbDetail inside with some TQRDBText who are select fields.
In the Header Group they are som TQRExpressions who are the summarizing of
some of the QRBand (rbDetail) fields (all of them use QuickReport expression
SUM()). All of them are shown except one who are SUM(x) with x = count(*). x
are show OK at the QRBand rbDetail. The another footerGroup fields are
SUM(y); with y = table field.
What can I do to resolve this trouble? Witch is their possible cause?. thank
you for your interest. Luis

Re:QuickReport Expressions

Please ask your C++ Builder questions in a newsgroup where that product is
covered. That is where people familiar with that product are found. Those
newsgroups have the word 'cppbuilder' in their name. This newsgroup covers
the old Borland C++ compilers.
. Ed