2006-01-29 10:36:19 AM
Hi all,
I am trying to port ZEOSLIB which is an open source native database
connectivity library. It builds fine under C-Builder 5 & 6, but I am not
able to compile it under Developer Studio 2006.
The library has 5 modules each dependent upon the previous; a build order.
The first module, ZCore.bpl, builds fine and it includes a file called
The second module fails to build with the following error message:
[Pascal Fatal Error] ZGenericSqlToken.pas(45): F2063 Could not compile used
unit 'ZClasses.pas'
This is the only error I get. When I google around for this error, I find
it but I always find it with other errors that come before it that seem to
cause this. In my case, this is the only error I am getting and I don't
know object pascal to save my life.
So why would this build fine under CB-5 and CB-6 but not under Studio 2006?
When I pulled the source up into Studio 2006, I did so from the CB-5 source
and I was prompted to convert the project sets to the new format which I
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks much!