Re: Memory watcher for vcl components?

2003-06-30 11:38:12 AM
"Gary Kramlich" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
Can anyone tell me if such a tools exists? It's become aparently clear to
me that something in my control is writing to wrong parts of memory and
disrupting everything. Included simple int properties, that while
internally are fine, when attempting to access from the application I put
the component in, the values are quite frankly foobar'd.

What about CodeGuard? (comes with BCB)
Alternatively, there is MemProof (free; works pretty well), AQTime (great
product: execution profiler/memory debugging aid), BoundsChecker (works well
when it works, but configuration problems can make use with BCB troublesome
without needing to re-install quite often).
- Dennis