Re: How come the copyri ght symbol d on't p rint f correctly? printf("Copyri ght ?2005 ...");

2005-10-11 09:05:42 PM
"Andrue Cope [TeamB]" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:
Ivan Johansen wrote:

>>(Unless he gets really lucky and finds a machine set to a really
>>interesting OEM code page.)
>I just tried the code and it works here. I must be using this really
>interesting OEM code page (850) :-)

"Multilingual Latin 1"

A little bit odd, but if you regularly switching between different
languages it makes sense.
Interesting. I just used CHCP to supposedly flip from 437 to 850, and it
had no effect.
Ah well. It's not something that mowery's users would want to have to
do, I suspect.
Alan Bellingham
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