ANN: kbmMW native C# client library available!

2004-08-02 07:12:46 PM
C4D is happy to announce the immediate availability of the kbmMW native C#
client library.
The client library allow .Net client applications to access any authorized
service on a kbmMW applicationserver,
in the same way as using the TkbmMWSimpleClient component on a
Delphi/Kylix/C++Builder client application.
The native C# client library has been designed to be compatible with both
.Net Standard and Compact
Framework and thus also supports PDA's with .Net preinstalled.. eg.
Microsoft Mobile Windows 2002/2003.
Thus its immediately possible to access any backend database or business
code written in Delphi, C++ or Java directly from
a PDA or any other .Net enabled device. Because of kbmMW's support of Java
business code, even services residing on
J2EE is accessible directly from the .Net device.
kbmMW is a leading enterprise level n-tier framework with features like
advanced remote updateable datasets, multilevel transactional support,
remote procedure calls, JMS like publish/subscribe messaging via
our WIB (virtual Wide Information Bus), Java/Delphi/C++B/Kylix
business object support and much much more.
Please visit to read all about it!
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