ANN: Special kbmMW timelimited offer!

2003-11-13 07:19:42 AM
Purchase kbmMW v. 1.0x before release of kbmMW v. 2.00 beta (which is expected to happen around Dec. 1. 2003) and get a
_FREE_ upgrade to v. 2.00.
kbmMW v. 1.0x is US$289/named developer or US$2800/city site license.
kbmMW v. 2.00 is US$389/named developer or US$3000/city site license.
kbmMW v. 1.0x upgrade to kbmMW v. 2.00 is either US$60 or US$100 depending on age of license.
kbmMW v. 2.00 is expected to be released as a beta for targeted testing around Dec. 1. 2003, and final release ultimo
Dec. 2003.
What will v.2.00 then bring?
Lots of new features like:
- One API for metadata handling regardless of datastore type = you dont have to remember the actual syntax to create a
table on a specific database/datastore.
- Advanced near realtime superfast publish/subscribe based messaging still using the kbmMW way of moving data, streams,
arguments, arrays etc. This is simply going to be a HIT!
- XML/SOAP support. Let the kbmMW app server publish its services as webservices.
Check our site for more info.
best regards
Kim Madsen
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