Ann: SecureBlackbox for C++Builder -- complete SSL/TLS and certificate support for your C++Builder application

2003-11-30 01:58:28 AM
We are glad to inform you about availability of SecureBlackbox 2.8 for
C++Builder. This update includes the files, necessary to install and use
SecureBlackbox on C++Builder 4-6.
About SecureBlackbox
SecureBlackbox 2.8 is well-structured native Delphi/C++Builder/Kylix
component collection (also available as ActiveX/DLL) that adds SSL/TLS
and SSH protocols support to your Windows or Linux application.
Unlike other libraries, SecureBlackbox is easy to use and doesn't
require external DLLs for operation. SecureBlackbox does NOT use
CryptoAPI except for accessing Windows Certificate Storage (completely
SecureBlackbox offers solution that
a) provides complete implementation of client-side AND server-side parts
of SSL/TLS protocols (SSL 2, SSL 3, TLS 1 are supported including AES
cipher suites)
b) provides client-side support for SSH 1 and SSH 2 protocols
c) offers certificate management including windows internal or custom
file storages, with support for PEM, PKCS#7, PKCS#10 and PKCS#12 formats
d) supports SSL sessions on both client and server side
e) includes support for Windows Certificate Storage
Add unlimited e-mail support (and not just several months with necessity
to pay for more support), easy integration with existing socket
components and classes (and ready to use classes for Delphi sockets,
Indy, ICS, kbmMW, NexusDB), compatibility with Delphi, C++Builder and
Kylix and you will get an offer that is hard to ignore!
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Eugene Mayevski
EldoS Corp., CTO
Security and networking solutions