Ann: VCL Scheduling Agent with BDS2006 support!

2006-01-18 09:16:54 PM
SiComponents is glad to announce the release of VCL Scheduling Agent with
Borland Developer Studio 2006 support!
SiComponents Scheduling Agent is the VCL wrapper for Microsoft Task
Scheduler API. The main advantage of using SiComponents Scheduling Agent in
comparison with other scheduling suites is that the most of work on task
maintenance and launching is performed by the operating system. That is, if
you want your application runs in scheduled times you do not need to put a
timer into the application and make it resident. The Windows will launch the
application just-in-time with the parameters and custom data you have
The core component TTaskScheduler and attendant classes make your
application be able to do:
?Enumerate all tasks on a target computer.
?Create new scheduled tasks and delete existing ones.
?Schedule a task to run at a specific time or when a specific event occurs.
?Change the schedule for a task.
?Modify other settings for a task, for example, application name, parameter
string, working directory, etc.
?Run immediately or stop a scheduled task.
Supported IDEs: Delphi 4-7 and 2005, C++Builder 4-6 and Borland Developer
Studio 2006
Visit to find out more about
the Scheduling Agent and download the trial version.