Picasa GUI look - possible in cppbuilder?

2004-10-15 09:02:41 PM
Hi all,
Does anybody have a clue regarding how to make a GUI with the same
overall features as the Picasa Photo Organizer has (the google image
organizer application, see www.google.com/options/index.html).
I find the Picasa GUI really neat and easily accessible, heck it's
almost too intuitive, and I would therefore like to be able to make
use of the same "effects" as they do. I do not wish to make a rip-off
GUI, just to be able to make use of the same effects/techniques as
they do in my own applications.
For instance:
- Rounded buttons with gradient background, and anti-aliased text. Is
there a best practice for this?
- Alpha animated roll-over, roll-off on certain components such as
buttons, panels, etc.
- Animated buttons indicating suggested action (Picasa does this when
you view an image, the button "back to album" has a suggestive
animation on it).
I think they accomplished the effects by some clever DirectX / GDI++
programming? Do you have a clue?
Oh by the way: I use cppbuilder 5 professional (and occasionally
cppbuilder 6).
Best regards
Michael, Denmark