Upgrade options

2005-10-21 12:31:22 PM
Currently using C++ Builder 5 professional. Stayed with it until now
due to a mission critical application. I now have option to upgrade to
a newer C++ IDE. Which of the newer versions of C++ Builder can I
purchase as an upgrade. I have not been able to find the "rules" for
who qualifies for the upgrade price. It seems clear that I would
qualify to purchase an upgrade to C++ Builder 6 Professional. Would I
also qualify to purchase C++ Builder 2006 at the upgrade price.
I'm posting my question on this forum as Borland's online store does not
have any concise info on this matter. The customer section of their web
site does not seem to have an exact category to handle my question about
C++ Builder 2006. Anybody have any info?
David P.