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TLINK.EXE not working outside the DOS IDE

2006-05-20 10:30:24 AM
Greetings :)
A friend needs me to make a program for him using Turbo C++ 3.01...
well, if I try to compile -some- projects under the DOS IDE it works,
but man... a DOS IDE... you get what I mean, so I'm trying with a
Windows editor (specifically EditPlus 2) and compiling works, but not
This is my code
#include <iostream.h>
cout << "This is a test";
return 0;
When compiling, I get... (TCC test)
Turbo C++ Version 3.00 Copyright (c) 1992 Borland International
Available memory 4094936
When linking, I get... (TLINK test)
Turbo Link Version 5.0 Copyright (c) 1992 Borland International
Error: Undefined symbol ostream::outstr(const char near*,const char
near*) in module TEST.CPP
Error: Undefined symbol _COUT in module TEST.CPP
Warning: No stack
Of course, I'm not dumb, so here's my PATH
stem32\Wbem;C:\Archivos de programa\Archivos comunes\Autodesk
Shared\;C:\Archivos de programa\backburner 2\;C:\Archivos de
programa\Archivos comunes\Adobe\AGL;F:\Tc;F:\Tc\Bin;F:\Tc\Include;F:
Where F:\ is the drive where I have TC.
Now, why it works in the IDE, and not in the command line? or how would
I make it work in the command line or in EditPlus 2? anyone have an
idea why this doesn't links, and in the DOS IDE does? :(

Re:TLINK.EXE not working outside the DOS IDE

I make it work in the command line or in EditPlus 2?
Add the Borland runtime libraries to the link command line.
Jussi Jumppanen
Author: Zeus for Windows IDE