CBX IDE - EAknCtPopupSettingList - How to Use in CBX IDE??

2005-03-07 01:08:49 AM
I want to add an EAknCtPopupSettingList within a View or Form using the C++
Mobile Edition IDE, however there is no option to allow this using the
Active Designer. Is there some way to do this use "Configure Palette" even
though EAknCtPopupSettingList is not included anywhere in the Palette?
Why is this? Is there a way to configure the IDE to have
EAknCtPopupSettingList as an option?
The "Standard" options available are
EAknCtIntegerEdwin, EEikCtEdwin,
EEikCtSecretEd,EEikCtTimeEditor,EEikCtDateEditor only.
I also tried to manually edit the code to change a EEikCtEdwin to a
EAknCtPopupSettingList but couldnt get it working.
Has anyone EVER used a EAknCtPopupSettingList from the CBX IDE and if so
I imagine this should be a very simple setting somewhere but since I cant
find any documentation on how to use CBX IDE anywhere its turned into a real
Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bob Smith