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regular expression search

2003-11-08 09:35:08 PM
Anyone know if there's a regular expression version of AnsiString.Pos, or a
third-party package? I'm looking for something like PHP's ereg.

Re:regular expression search

Hi all,
I'm not an expert of regular expressions and I'm just checking
how useful they can be. I did some tests with the find command
within the IDE, but I noticed some differences between the real
behaviour and what it is reported in the help page. That's why I
would appreciate if anyone can answer or give any hint about the
following points:
1) * and + don't work as the help page states, but as normal
regular expression engines. I mean, they are not referred to
what follows the string, but to the string itself.
2) Some patterns seem to work, though they are not reported. So
far, I tested \<, \>, (), ? and |. Is it correct?
3) Where can I find a complete list of patterns to be used
within the IDE?
I'm referring to BCB5 specifically, but I did some simple test
also under BCB6 with same results.
Thanks in advance,