Form Links Error

2003-10-23 06:54:43 PM
I have a project which has several forms.
On one form I have a lot of data controls. I can set the Datasource
property to a datasource on another form. All compiles okay.
If I save the project and close and then reopen the project and then try to
save the form again, I get the error message:
"Module 'RegisterForm' links to module 'MainForm' which cannot be found in
the current project. Do you wish to remove/redirect the links to another
When I click "Yes", the list of modules shows up. The funny thing is
"MainForm" is in the list of modules! However, if I select "MainForm" from
this list that shows up, I get the same message "Module...." My only
solution is to select "<Remove Links>" and then have to reselect the
datasource on EACH control.
The data sources from the main form show up in the drop-down list of
datasources for the control so I know it's "seeing" the mainform.
Hope I made this clear enough.