Re: _export

2004-04-14 03:47:19 AM
Here is the line of source code:

char * __declspec(dllexport) key_from_URL_data (int expire_months,
char * URL_data)
{ <function body>}


char * _export key_from_URL_data (int expire_months, char * URL_data)

The error messages are all linker errors, and I did quote some examples:

undefined symbol Sysutils::Exception::Exception
undefined symbol System::__linkproc__ __fastcall LStrFromPChar
looks like youre dll is not being linked to the VCL, which you're
using somewhere in that function (?).
when you don't export the function, the linker notices that it's
unreferenced, and tosses it out. export marks the function as "used",
which then implies that all symbols refernced by the function need to
be resolved as well.
so, you needed to check the "include vcl" box in the console wizard.
i'd generate a new project with that checked, save it, and then
apply the appropriate changes to your existing project. or recreate
the project from scratch.