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BDS2006 Events missing from .dfm files.

2007-03-13 10:29:22 PM
I recently cleaned up our headers in our c++ units. I deleted all the
#include statements in a header and saved the unit. The IDE automatically
put the #include statements back into the header when I saved the unit.
Its been about a month since I made these changes and I ran into a problem
with our reporting. Before and after images of the .dfm files show missing
OnGetText events in the .dfm files. (I have only sampled a few at this time)
We have reports that inherit from a basereport unit which inherits from
The basereport unit has common methods in it that can be assigned to
OnGetText events in the descendants of basereport. If I comment out some of
those methods in the basereport unit the IDE will display a dialog that the
reference has been removed. I did not receive any of these dialogs when I
cleaned up our headers so I do not think basereport was missing any of these
common OnGetText methods.
I am unable to re-produce the missing events in the .dfm files by repeating
the steps that I used to clean up the headers originally.
Has anybody else experienced these symptoms? If so, what should I not do to
keep this from happening?

Re:BDS2006 Events missing from .dfm files.

It looks like this problem is related to another thread that I created
earlier so I attribute this problem to user error (Ours).
Original Title "The PRIReportBeginBand method referenced by
PRIReport->OnBeginBand does not exist."
dated 2/20/2007.
>The descendant ancestor was named BaseReport and we also have a
>BaseReportG unit.
>During the conversion from BCB5 to BDS 2006 some entries were added by a
>conversion program to add statements to the bdsproj file. I think the
>FORMNAME="BaseReport" is what drilled us. We changed the "FormName"
>BaseReportG and the messages have gone away.