linking lib and dlls

2007-07-07 06:50:51 PM
We have a Borland IDE version 6 professional that uses a software package by
SBS Technologies which has a set of includes, a .lib file and a .dll file
installed in the Windows/system32 directory. The application originally
worked on a single core Pentium with Windows 2000 system but we have been
having linker problems when this app was installed on a Xeon dual core
system with Windows XP. I tried to use the .lib file supplied by SBS and
got the complaint that the lib file wasn't OMF format so I found the dll
file in Windows/System32 directory and used the impdef and implib tools to
create a .def and a .lib file from the dll file supplied. I noticed that
the linker complains about the first 6 lines listed in the .def file. SBS
supplied so example files that do work on the new Windows system using their
non-OMF lib file so something has to be wrong with how I am trying to get
Borland to use their lib (hence the impdef and implib attempt). I believe
that I should be able to use the .dll file just be referencing the
Windows/system32 directory in the compiler/linker property pages and adding
this directory in under the libraries list. Or I could compile against the
.lib file by adding that into the same property pages instead of the dll
file. Is this correct? I do not think that I would list the library file
(.lib or .dll) as part of the project file list only the access paths
mentioned previously for the linker/compiler.
Is their anything else that I should know about the correct use of a
library that needs to be converted into OMF format whatever that is?
any feedback well appreciated on this, Sydney