Debugging program hangs & behind-the-scenes events

2008-05-13 05:34:05 AM
Hi, all,
I've added several forms to an existing Borland C++ Builder 6.0
application. The new forms are launched (sequentially) from
within a TButton OnClick handler in the main form.
The old code works normally. Recently, clicking the button
causes almost a 2 minute program hang before the OnClick
event handler is even reached. Sometimes the cursor turns
into an hour-glass. That's the only clue. All timers, and CodeGuard
are disabled/turned off.
Any ideas on how I can debug this? I set a breakpoint at the
OnClick handler's first line - but how can I tell what BCB and/or
Windows is doing in the two minutes between the time the
button is clicked, and the first line of the OnClick event handler is
Thanks for any and all advice.