Sybase SQL Anywhere Blob errors

2004-06-09 10:10:18 PM
When I try to save a blob field after doing an edit on the data, my
application crashes with a Windows pointer violation.
Initially I can enter a large amount to text into the field and save it
without error. If I then go and edit the data,
then try to save it, the application crashes immediately.
I'm using the following:
Sybase SQLAnywhere on Windows. (XP & NT)
Borland C++ Builder, version 5.x
ODBC connection.
The field in the table is defined as long varchar.
The windows front-end is using a DBRichText edit box using BDE table
I'm using the standard BDE components, not dbExpress.
I upgraded to Sybase SQL Anywhere ver 9.0.1 from 8.x believing that these
issues had been resolved.
Thanks in advance for your help.