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Re: TextOut special symbols

2007-07-19 11:54:37 PM
The characters you can display are dependent on the font. Most of the
current true-type fonts will have the characters you need. As a guide, use
the Windows tool "Character Map" (charmap.exe) to show you the ASCII or
Unicode values to use for the font you have chosen.
Then, you will just need to set up your string correctly:
// These will output the same thing
Canvas->TextOut(x, y, "98\xb0" "F");
Canvas->TextOut(x, y, "98" "\xb0" "F");
- Clayton

Re:Re: TextOut special symbols

I draw a text using TextOut.
I have problem with special characters like degree symbol or diameter
I can draw these symbols as a picture of the screen, but I would prefer to
display them as the part of the text.
Thank you