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2004-05-18 07:23:27 AM
On Thu, 13 May 2004 16:48:05 -0400, "Ed Mulroy [TeamB]"
< XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:
The FSF does interesting things with the language. As an example they
have defined free software to not be free software. To them free
software is only that for which their personal set of specifications
are met. While perhaps acceptable for their internal use, when saying
that publicly I think it would be better if the FSF folks used words
in a manner that reasonably reflect their common meanings and not
redefined ones.
I think you can argue about that. All their legal stuff was most
probably worked out by lawyers, and those usually have their very own
understanding of the language.
I use pkzip and pkzipw, tools created by Phil Katz (hence the PK in
the name), the man who created the zip format. I do not use gnu
clones apparently created to remove his livelihood. Windows also
provides some built in ability to unpack zip files. I do not know of
such an ability for the .gz or .tar.gz formats in either pk's tools or
in Windows. And, as with 'tar', they use the name but make things
I don't see your point here. As you said yourself, tar and gzip are
alien tools and formats for the common Windows user. Their impact on
pkzip usage should therefore be quite marginal. If anything removes
PKs livelihood it's the competition from other vendors of
(Windows-based) ZIP tools. Having said this, one has to wonder why
that is the case. They must do things better (at least in the user's
perception) than the original. Furthermore, the core functionality of
those tools have become a commodity for which the vendors can't charge
high prices any more - if they can charge anything at all, regarding
all the free ZIP tools around. Try for example.
I am developing under windows.
That's absolutely ok. I'm not religious about that. I use the OS which
is best suited for my job. Sometimes it's Linux, sometimes it's
I am not developing under one of the
unix OS's or under one of the linux OS's. I spoke of the gnu compiler
not running as a native application under Windows. I dislike that for
such tools developers are expected to load their machine up with a
linux-clone environment to duplicate functionality they already have
in an often incompatible way (for example, gnu make which is
incompatible with make).
To make it short, you don't need such a Linux-like environment with
MingW (but you can use it). Anyway, I really can't live without them
and you 'll hardly find other equivalents that offer a similar degree
of power.
What I am working with targets maybe 90% of the computers out there.
I would just as soon not fill up the machine with stuff to target a
piece of the remaining ones. A computer for me is something that
feeds my family and I guess that it's some kind of 'hobby' that I also
use it to get my kicks from feeling that I may have helped someone
else on here. Other than that it doesn't have that much use. Sure
it's nice sometimes to play with other things, but my motivation more
relates to acquiring groceries than to learning about gnu.
That's perfectly ok.
When gnu
was beginning and very vocal some of their pronouncements sounded more
like statements from Karl Marx than from software developers. I've no
desire to align with any such as that.
I don't agree. But I don't want to argue about Marx here < g>. And I
bet that Richard Stallman has made a considerable fortune with his
work. :-)

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On Thu, 13 May 2004 22:50:20 +0200, Oscar Fuentes < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >
'make' needs to launch a shell for executing stuff. CMD.EXE is alien
to Cygwin's 'make'. OTOH, the native win32 MinGW 'make' is somewhat
For me, it works quite well. But I usually keep my makefiles rather
This is off-topic. If you want to discuss this further, feel free to
switch to e-mail.
Ok, I'll come back to you when I hit some walls.

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Valence Crearer wrote:
I was rolling in the isles.
Sorry, but I couldn't let this one go...
Which ones? Fijian? <g>