Connecting CPP with a Fast,local and free Database

2005-06-25 08:37:27 PM
I have a question and I hope that I'm in the right newsgroup. I began
working lately with the Borland C++ Builder. I'm really amused of its
capabilities. I read more about connecting a Borland C++ Project with a
database in the toturials written there. I was wondering if anybody can
help me in this issue:
Is there a better and faster combination of connecting an C++ project
with a "local" database? The entire database shouldn't be actually
connected to the project, only maybe one big entry of names and
addresses of it is necessary. Should one add only a library to the C++
Program instead of connecting to the database each time when a query is
required? I'm planning to make a C++ search code for looking for
addresses and names in this big entry, and that it should installed in
the future locally and freely without the need of a connection to a
remote server.
I hope I explained my point clearly, otherwise I'm ready to explain
more. I really appreciate your help,