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Link error -- can't find ODBCCP.LIB

I'm working with OpenSource source code.  It's a vector graphics engine
called Zodius from SourceForge and is based on openPTC. (ptc.dll &

The code came to me as an MS VC 6.0 project.  I converted that to
Borland and tried to build it.  I get link error can't find ODBCCP.LIB.

What the heck is ODBCCP.LIB?  Sounds like some sort of ODBC thingy.  But
I don't have it on my system.  At least, CPPBUILDER 5.0 did not install

I can't figure why a graphics engine needs database access.  Could there
be some sort of funky syntax that looks like SQL but is not?

I looked in the ODBC docs and found that most routines are named
Dbisomething.  Can't find any such calls in the code.

Puzzled in Houston,

Thomas A Hutto Houston, TX  77077 USA
"If you can't measure it, you can't control it." -- Lord Kelvin


Re:Link error -- can't find ODBCCP.LIB


I had a similar problem.  I simply opened the BPR file in a text editor and
removed all references to ODBCPP.LIB.  Apparently, MSVC adds this library to
every project -- even if it is not needed.


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