Ann: Easy Rich Editor and Easy Editor release

We are proud to announce that the first version of Easy Rich Editor is just

Easy Rich Editor handles formatted text. It has all functionality that can
be found in standard TRichEdit control, enriching it with additional
features such as pagination, paragraph alignments, bullets and numberings,
and embedded images.
Refer to for details.

Also we are glad to inform you that new version of Easy Editor is released.

Easy Editor is a set of components and controls, allowing integration of
highly flexible editors and memos. With Easy Editor you can view and edit
Delphi, C++, HTML, Perl and other languages source code. Easy Editor
includes all key features of Borland IDE editor. Additionally, it provides
multi-byte characters support and ability to create cross-platform
applications that can be run on both Windows and Linux.
Refer to for details.

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