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I am using Windows NT 4 and Borland C++ Builder 3 and 4, I found that
when I try to use the TNMHTTP component of the
FastNet 4 Library.
My Windows NT don't response to the Shutdown, Restart and Logoff
messages. It means I can't shutdown the OS until I am close
the application that include TNMHTTP object.
How can I fix this?

Best Wishes,
Steven Chen



: CGI <> wrote:
>I try to use the TNMHTTP component

Steven, this here isn't really where the people who know about your
Internet problem hang out, so a much better place for your question
probably is the group


Having said, you might want to contact NetManage (the producer of these
components) for technical support.

Also, please do not cross- or multi-post; people are not really fond of
this and it leads to all sorts of inefficiencies and confusion - major
problems, in other words.

The newsgroups guidelines (see
specifically mention this case; you might want to check them out.

To learn more about this server and the group that it carries, have a look


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  * Post to the right group -
    * Do not cross- or multipost
      * Research at

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