static .bpl linking: missing .DFM file


I have a .BPL file containing a form that is only instantiated from a
"real" non-visual component inside the same .BPL.

When I build an app. using the non-visual component and make a static
link of .bpl files (Build with runtime packages is unchecked), the
linker complains about a missing .dfm file (the .dfm file of the form
contained in the .bpl).
But when I do a build with runtime packages, there are no problems.

Why isn't the .dfm linked into the .bpl file so that it doesn't matter
whether I - in my app - do a static or dynamic link? The output .bpl
file is not put in the same directory as my component sources, and I
don't want to add directories in my app to the component sources.

Any help is highly appreciated.

/Ren B?je Nielsen