form created on startup okay - manually create messes up main form


I have 40 forms (dialog boxes) in my program. I create the
forms as needed. One particular form really messes up the
rest of the program when it is manually created. When the form
is created automatically at run-time everything is okay. When I
modify the code to manually create the form the graphics windows
on my main form gets messed up really bad when I open the offending
form and then close it. Sometimes a recompile fixes the problem and
other times it doesn't.

I have narrowed the problem down to 10 labels and 10 edit
boxes that were in a group box on the form. When I removed
the group box and just placed the labels and edit boxes directly
on the form everything works as expected.

Although, I have tracked down this problem it also occurs on two
other forms that are manually created. These forms are a little
so I will have to figure out what is causing the problem.

This appears to be a bug in Borland Builder v5.0. Does anyone know of
a fix? Are there certain things I should be leary of?  My code has
become untrustworthy because of this problem.

Thanks in advance,