Incremental linker still doesn't work (ATTN Borland)

Recently I decided to try using it again, since patch #1 supposedly fixed
problems with it. I tried it on 3 different projects and over the course of
several weeks it consistently produced bogus .exe's on all 3 projects.
Basically it would work for the first few compiles and then my program would
crash in strange places for no apparent reason. Turning off the incremental
linker would always fix the problem. I tried this several times.

Also, it was reported here a while back that turning off the incremental
linker doesn't make any difference for the current session, that the IDE
always uses incremental linking and it only does a full link if the project
has been closed and reopened. This is definitely false. If you turn on
incremental linking, you can definitely see the difference in subsequent
link times (not to mention the bogus exe you'll eventually get), and if you
turn off IL, you'll get the same long link time every time, but a valid exe
is pretty much guaranteed.

    - Bill

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