printing a form

When I try to print what's on the screen it comes out very tiny, eg) a
400x400 pixel PageControl object prints out only about an inch by an inch.
Maybe you have to set what scale to print it at somewhere, but I have no
idea. I've looked through the help files and couldn't find anything that
helps. I am using Borland C++ builder. Here is my code:

PageControl1->Pages[0]->PaintTo(Printer()->Handle, 10, 10); //the "10, 10"
specifies x y coords, not size

To test the code yourself and see if it works for you, just stick a
PrintDialog (might not be needed), and a PageControl on a form and add
#include "Printers.hpp" to the top of your code.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.
(if you could put in the cc field on your reply I'd appreciate