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CPU View Poping up

Couple of places.....

1. When my application is run from the IDE the CPU view is opening up
   WinMain and after the return 0; in WinMain.

2. The CPU view is poping up at times in my code.
    It is just showing a place where a piece of code is running.
    When I inspected the values, all seem within range.
    It pops up as though it is a break point - but I have no break point
   I have set to break on all possible errors in the de{*word*81}, but the
   does not indicate and error.

Please help....


Colin B Maharaj
Trinidad - West Indies.

PS: I have BCB3.0 Pro with the patch, on Win2000 trial version.


Re:CPU View Poping up

This can happen for a number of reasons. One place I have seen this is when
I have tried to free memory for an object that Windows owns. Specfically,
when doing shell programming you get a pidl (pointer to an item id list)
from the shell. In some cases, the shell owns that pidl. When you try to
free the pidl, the CPU window pops up. That's when I've seen it... there are
certainly other times that it could happen, too.

Kent (TeamB and TurboPower Software)
C++Builder Developer's Journal

Re:CPU View Poping up

Here is what I did,

I got me a copy of MemProof  v0.9.3.5 and loaded my executable in it, and did
say the following error...

(x) Attempt to free unexisting resource

This pointed to the graphics.pas file and it seems it is trying to delete a
graphic image (???) And all this happens before WinMain (?!?)
Is it possible that one of my Forms or my project file is corrupted? Is there
anyway that I can verify this (of fix this)?

Thanks again for you help!

Colin B Maharaj
Trinidad, WI.

Re:CPU View Poping up

>>Is it possible that one of my Forms or my project file is corrupted?

Anything's possible. I would suggest you recreate the form and see if that

Kent (TeamB)
C++Builder Developer's Journal

Re:CPU View Poping up

Hi Kent, I have posted something in ThirdPartyTools  and currently am waiting
for a response, concerning Memproof.

Thanks again for your help.

BTW: I did recreate a form and on of the 'pop-ups' seem to disappear but it
did not happen for another form(?!?) Thanks again!!

Colin B Maharaj
Trinidad, WI.

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