Newbie Question about starting with C++ Builder

Hi Ng,
I hope this is the right NG for a Newbie Question about starting with
Borland C++ Builder. I've just downloaded the trial of Version 6.0 and
I'm already in trouble with building the legendary "Hello World"

What I would like to do is just a small Dos Application printing out
"Hello World". When I want to do it with the Borland C++ IDE, I do it in
the following way:
I start with "Project/Add new Project"
2. I choose the Console Wizard
3. I choose C++ and Console Application

Afterwards I write the following script:

#include <iostream.h>;
int main(){
 cout << "Hello World";


The De{*word*81} starts with no warnigs or mistakes, but I see my
Dos-Application just for a very short time. This is so short, that I'm
not able to read the Hello World Statement. When I started to do this
with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Trial, the Dos Window stays until I've
entered the "return" on my keyboard.
Can anybody help?

Thanks a lot