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I have read the Re. to Graph of  Musica and Computer.
I would like have an explanation.
*If  the Series to Add. are n and n is known in runtime, how can I add and
create them?
**If  I want to execute a project, p.e. "Prject1", what is the code that
uses ShellExecute() ?
(I haven't try informations, on  ShellExecute() , in Builder's  Help).

Others problems:
***I have two Charts and I want to draw, on them different graphs in
correlation. When I draw graphs,  the values,  on leftAxis are different ,
then the
the "dimension" of  BottomAxis of two Chart are different owing to different
"dimensions" of data on leftAxis and then the graphs aren't aligned.
How can I do to align the graphs?

****I want that, when a graph is drawn on the Chart1, when I click in a
point of  this graph the other  graph is drawing  on the Chart2.
What instructions I must use?

Thank you for you help.




Hi, Stephano!

First, I strongly recommend you limit yourself to a single question per
message, wherever possible. In other words, if you have several
questions, post multiple messages. This makes it easier to ensure that
questions which can be answered will be. For instance, some people,
whose time is short, that might answer one question may not answer any
in a multiple question message.

Second, please check the help before posting questions. Your question
about the parameters to ShellExecute can be answered by reference to
win32.hlp, which ships with BCB and should be in the Borland
Shared\MSHelp directory. Also, questions about the Windows API are most
likely to get answers in the borland.public.cppbuilder.winapi group.

With regard to your chart questions, you also don't specify the specific
component you are using. Are you using TChart? TDBChart? The TeeChart
user guide is recommended as detailed help for TChart users. Search the
on-line help for "TeeChart User Guide" in the Index.

I hope this gets you started. Please check these references, and if you
are still having trouble, come back and resubmit your questions.

Good luck!

Mark Cashman, TeamB C++ Builder
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