ANN: TestComplete - The Complete and Easy to Use Automated Application Testing System

AutomatedQA Corp is proud to announce the immediate availability of
TestComplete 2, its complete application testing system offering automated
functional, unit, and regression testing in one easy to use and totally
integrated package. TestComplete brings testing out of the Dark Ages by
offering an affordable way in which to deliver rock-solid and predictable
applications - on time.each and every time!

Whether you build Win32, .NET, Java, or Web applications, once you start
using TestComplete, you'll be able to turn every test run into a key
contribution to your overall development efforts. TestComplete will keep
your projects on schedule and on spec, the team confident, and the work 100%

From its outset, TestComplete was designed to free developers and QA
departments from the massive drain on time and energy which semi-structured
and hand-managed testing entails when it is NOT automated. As the successor
to AQtest, TestComplete offers systematic, automated, and structured
testing, with native support for C++ (Visual C++ and C++ Builder), Delphi,
Visual Basic, VS .NET (including all .NET languages), Java and Web

Whether your project is in its initial or final stages, whether your
application targets Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Java, or Internet
Explorer, TestComplete gives you what you need to test everything with
accuracy and deliver bulletproof and bug-free applications.
TestComplete is available in both a Standard and Enterprise version. To
learn more about Test Complete, please visit us online at:

You can also contact us by Email at:

Best Wishes
The AutomatedQA Team