ANN: PE Explorer: A complete multi-purpose tool for working with PE files

We are pleased to let you know that the latest version
1.80 of PE Explorer is now available!

PE Explorer gives the power to look inside binary files such
as Windows EXEs, DLLs, OCXs and more. It comes with a PE
Header Viewer, Exported/Imported API Function Viewer and Syntax
Lookup, Debugs Information, Relocations, Resource Viewer/Editor,
Disassembler & Dependency Scanner. On top of all that, this
program has one of the best UPX Unpackers built in.

Whether you're an advanced computer user just wondered what
makes an executable file tick, or software developer suffered
from hard-to-find program bugs, PE Explorer is the software
solution that will make it easy to find the answers.
With PE Explorer you can view, edit and repair the internal
structures of PE files with the click of a button.

Release Highlights for PE Explorer v1.80:

 + Added the TimeDateStamp Adjuster Tool.
 + Added support for unmangling overloaded C++ function names
   for files built with Borland and Microsoft compilers in the
   Syntax Lookup.
 + Added option to create backup files to the Customize dialog.
 * Bugfix: Empty folders were being created when saving multiple
   resources at once.
 * More...

For more information please refer to the product home page.

Please download PE Explorer v1.80 from this location:

Direct download link:
(1.71Mb) installable

Thank you.
Best regards,
 Yuri Rai
 Heaventools Software