ANN: EMS HiTech News: QuickDesk

Dear Sirs and madams,

EMS HiTech company is announcing next version ( of QuickDesk --
The Best InterBase Administration and Development Tool.
You can download newest version from

In this version:


1. All Editors: Now maximized window size is restricted by main program
2. SQL Editor: we have added possibility of creating View and Procedure
   from editor's SELECT statement. Use speed buttons on toolbar or editor's
   popup menu.
3. Compile window was redesigned. We hope you will like its new interface.
4. Autoincrement field wizard: Now you can create stored procedure wrapper.
5. File QDWhatsNew.hlp was added. See there information about news of
   current and previous versions.


1. Fixed bug with compile exceptions which include apostrophe symbol itself.
2. Fixed something small bugs.

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Best regards,
EMS HiTech development team.