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ide on locked HD ? help with setup


Due to some strange school requirements, they have set my copy of borland c++ builder 5 on a locked hard drive.  There is an unlocked section which I can compile into.  They did this with forte for java and it works.  The c++ compiler doesn't yet.  I get these errors on compiling :

w8508 Cannot create pre-compiled header. Write failed
f1013 Error writing output file.

I have changed the project options to point output to a specific folder on the unlocked directory.  I get an additional error,

Unable to open SYSTEM.OBJ

what kind of approach should I take to setting up the compiler ? Will it work on a locked HD?



Re:ide on locked HD ? help with setup


I don't have the file System.obj in my borland root folder.
Try saving the project before compiling (use save all).


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