ANN: Vista Software - Important Apollo & Artemis News

In case you had not already heard the news, on July 1st, 1999 Vista Software
officially took over the Apollo, Artemis, and SIx Driver products from
Luxent. During the past six months, we have released the new Apollo 5.0 and
Artemis 5.0 products to rave reviews. We have also posted FREE maintenance
updates for existing Apollo 4.x and Artemis 4.x users that have resolved
many outstanding issues.

The stability and performance improvements of the new 5.0 releases has been
a welcome surprise to many longtime users of these products, and we invite
you to read the testimonials on our web site to see exactly what our users
are saying. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The next two months will see the release of the hugely anticipated
Internet-ready Apollo Client/Server 5.0 featuring UNLIMITED concurrent
client connections for one low price. We are very e{*word*277}d to say that Apollo
Client/Server is the industry's most affordable, high-performance
client/server database engine. Also, in coming weeks, we will be releasing
our new VIPER OLE DB Provider.

Our team of highly dedicated individuals is working around the clock to make
our products the very best in the world and we're working hard to provide
excellent customer service and support. In closing, we invite you to visit
our web site ( to download the latest FREE
updates for any Apollo, Artemis, or SIx Driver product that you may be
entitled to and to take advantage of the special upgrade pricing to the new
5.0 releases.

We thank all of you for supporting these products over the years and we
assure you that Vista Software is 100% committed to these products and to
the people who depend on them.

Best regards,

Loren Scott
Vista Software