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Library files

Can anybody explain the difference between LIBFILES, LIBRARIES, and
SPARELIBS in the makefile?

I have two versions of a program (which I didn't write, but I have to
maintain). One links properly and the other fails with unresolved
external references for things which should be in vcl40.lib. Aside
from the changes in the code, the version which works has vcl40.lib,
vlcx40.lib and vcldb40.lib defined under both LIBRARIES and SPARELIBS
while the version which fails has them only under SPARELIBS. I have
tried editing this manually but the IDE changes it back every time.


Michael Desmarais


Re:Library files

Hi. Mike!

I don't know the difference, but editing SPARELIBS is the only one that
seems to work.

There are some things which I believe can't even be deleted from there.

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Re:Library files

: "Mike Desmarais" <> wrote:

>I have
>tried editing this manually but the IDE changes it back every time.

Do not edit this inside the IDE, but close the project and do it in

Stefan Hoffmeister (TeamB)
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