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OpenGL app leaves ghost on taskbar

I'm writing an OpenGL app, using both the Microsoft OpenGL32.dll and
3dfxgl.dll, running under both Win'98 and NT.

After the app has terminated under '98, it often leaves its button in the
task bar. This is odd, because pressing ctrl-alt-delete indicates that the
app is no longer running. And when I click on the button it simply
disappears. So the taskbar seems to have failed to update itself properly.

This behaviour happens under '98 but not NT. It happens both with
OpenGL32 and  with 3d3fxgl.

A perhaps salient fact is that I'm programming within BCB.  This creates
an invisible main application window for the application, and it is this
invisible main thing that has an entry on the task bar. There is the
actual visible overlapped window as well, owned by the invisible main
window. And my OpenGL window is in fact a child of this thing. When I
tried writing a program using just the plain Windows API this
left-on-the-taskbar phenomenon no longer occured.

I also noticed that Quake and Unreal often left this ghost-on-taskbar

Has anyone else experienced this? Do you have any ideas about how to get
rid of it, please?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Lucian Wischik, Queens' College, Cambridge CB3 9ET.


Re:OpenGL app leaves ghost on taskbar

>I also noticed that Quake and Unreal often left this ghost-on-taskbar

I've seen several programs do this.. even those that don't even use Open GL.
Rest assured, it's a win 98 thing, and I doubt there is anything you can do
about it.

- Vulpes of Suba

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